How to use autotrade @ MB Trading?

I have been trying to activate autotrade in my MB Trading account, but something is wrong. I have two subscriptions being autotraded, but so far only one of the systems has gotten traded in my MBT account. The “broken” system places limit orders daily, and when I log into my MBT account, I don’t see any of the limit orders placed, so I don’t think it’s activated.

What am I still doing wrong?

Bo -

I can’t help but notice that one of your systems is a futures system and one is a stock system.

Has MB Trading enabled your account to allow both futures and stock trading? (Feel free to answer in a private email to me if you prefer - matthew at


So far today you had 159 rejected orders with "insufficient buying power". You were sent automated emails about this, do you receive the "sync warning" emails?

You could enable the "hold limit orders on server" feature in the "Modify Autotrade" setup screen to avoid all these rejects.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply. I did receive a sync warning last week, but I lowered my autotrade scaling percentage to try to be below the money in the account. I calculated a scale for my money versus the total system equity; when that didn’t work, this weekend I lowered in by just over 50% more (thinking that maybe I don’t have margin ability in my account).

When I made the posting this morning, I could see no open orders in my account, so I’m not sure what “insufficient buying power” would refer to. I wish there was a way to see what autotrade thinks the open orders are, so that I could actually tabulate the dollar amount as a sanity check.

At 13:57 ET I see that orders started going through to my account. I’m not sure what changed at that time. It does seem like the system might be working now, but I enabled the “hold limit orders on server” anyway, since that sounds like a likely suspect in my problem.

thanks for your help,