very interesting in my eyes, It will be a very interesting ride when the market crashes

Almost like a clockwork, each 3 months or so, there is someone predicting and comparing this to 1929. It has been going on for years.
Just few quick facts, since I have no real desire to elaborate.
Comparing to 1929, you now have PPT (plunge protection team), HFT trading, circuit breakers, and above all rest central banks, and other huge influx of capital. And do check COT reports and distribution on Index futures. Institutions hold more than 75 % of that markets. Only way this drops huge is for those who hold more than 75 % of markets do deciede and drive everything down. Why would they diminish their own wealth?

Keep in mind that top analysts have been calling the top for the past few years and they’ve all been wrong.

In other words don’t worry about the correction, when it does get here just make sure you have a game plan ready

If They’ve been all wrong for the past few years how They can be considered “TOP”? Ahhhh maybe because people think They are “Top”… Alllll–riiiight … Happy to not be “TOP” then!

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I completely agree, all these hedge/institutions have done very poorly, which is surprising.

The whole sentiment of a crash is coming clouds judgement and gets people into bad trades, go with the flow I say, fighting the market is a losing battle

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