DOW 24090? Is that really where it's going?

Will the YM go to 24090 and close there?

How about 20000 in a month?

Well I was close. 5pm settle on YM was 24041.

I only hold day positions and don’t forecast that far out. It would be interesting to see.

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You are very prudent…i have been through several crashes and holding futures positions and naked put options overnite can be risky.

Hello @AlgoSystems

The DOW opened down almost 300 points today. It rallied to even right after the open. The clue that the upside wasn’t sustainable came last night at 18:10 New York time. The day the structure of the market changed to reflect a negative bias was 1/31/2018. The 24090 wasn’t a random lucky guess. There’s a very important reason the YM closed around that point.

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I didn’t say it was a lucky guess, these are gaps that will be filled. lol

Oh I didn’t take it like that. I was just telling you. I didn’t think you thought it was a lucky guess or it didn’t come across as bad from your end.

Thats ok…I wasn’t implying anything either. But its quite interesting to note that these gaps are always filled.

We have one more I think. I follow the NQ more closely than the YM but I see 6400 on the NQ as another gap that needs to be filled next.

Are we ready for round 2?

I think a retest of the lows will be coming. The important thing is if we get responsive buying near that level otherwise these bullish strategies in C2 are going to be sitting idle or losing more money.

Are there any strategies in C2 that actually makes money in a bearish market?

This is a system i just came across. Yes way to new for me but interesting he has traded about every day since mid Jan and is up nearly 6k in three weeks.

Trades the S&P interday

Thanks @GREGGL, I will keep an eye on that one. With all the volatility these days its good to have a system that does not hold overnite positions!