Hypothetical return calc issues

this system has not made a trade since mid january with no open positions yet still shows a 6.2% return in March - how come?


Excellent question. Iā€™m looking at this right now. Hang on. Answer (and a fix, too) coming.

Hi, Umar:

Problem solved.

The technical reason this happened was that C2 makes two adjustments to the system equity curve before calculating the month returns. First, it applies commission and trading fees to the returns. Then, it applies system subscription costs. The bug here was that the subscription costs were not applied to the "stub period" at the end of the month, but were applied to all the days leading up to that. This made it look like there was a gain in equity (when actually what happened is that there was a failure to apply extra costs for a few days at the end of the month). This was a fairly uncommon edge condition ā€“ most stub periods were handled okay ā€“ but in any case, it is now fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



same issue again in March 2013[LINKSYSTEM_72452857]