Monthly Performance Stats incorrect

Matt, can you take a look at an issue with the monthly performance stats shown at the top of each system page?

It appears that the performance from 31st October was allocated entirely to Novembers performance and this appears to have happened in other months.

This is unfortunate as I prefer to publicise C2’s stats on my blog and twitter accounts, yet am now unable to as they are clearly wrong and misleading. I still want to link to C2 but will have to issue a warning concerning this problem, which does not help C2’s reputation as an accurate an impartial arbiter of system performance.

I also noticed this.

My system 1.7% profit on Oct,31 was allocated to Nov,1.

Yes I also noticed incorrect monthly results in my systems but I sent a mail to Matthew but he insisted that there was no errors.

C2 stats are no longer reliable and their customer services are also very poor.

I have only 1 closed trade on my new system… and it is saying that I have 5 trades, of which 2 are winners. It seems that C2 is taking a snapshot of open trades and then applying it to my equity curve and my performance stats.

This is misleading and could potentially cost me clients if the skew is unfavorable to me.


Of course Collective2 includes the results of your currently-open positions in your statistics!

This policy ("marked-to-market" accounting) is standard across the entire financial world, and is required by regulators of the financial sector around the globe.

Nothing new here. This is how the financial world works.


Any chance of a reply, or better a solution, to the OP, Matt?

I noticed this issue when I was showing as being up by 3%+ for November, when I looked during regular trading hours on the 31st October. Not bad going ! (but unfortunately doesn’t help c2 credibility)

More importantly than what others do or what any regulator insists upon: it is a much more realistic way of tracking results. Real traders will have real positions open and their real account values will go up and down with those positions while they are open.

It is especially important to account for open positions when leverage is in use. At 2:1 leverage, a 50% drop in the traded instruments on which positions are taken translates to a 100% drop in the real account value; irrecoverable wipe-out.

The problem is that background statistics/results calculations were delayed and, instead of running on Oct 31, after the market close, for some systems, they ran early in the morning on Nov1 (or even a day later). This delay meant that trades (and monthly results) that actually should have been allocated to October were instead allocated to November.

Ultimately, the aggregated results for the two-month period of October+November will be exactly the same in either case, but I agree that we want to make the monthly results reporting as accurate as possible.

However, this project – to clean up the October/November monthly transition – may require a week or so to fix.

So hang in there, and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll report more here when I have more information.


Thanks Matt. Let us know when you’ve fixed it - but I seem to recall this occurring with other month ends in the past. Given that my system often holds trades for multi-month periods this tends to be quite noticeable for me.

has anyone seen a correction of the october 31st glitch where this dates trading is attributed to november on the graph? mine has not been corrected as of 11/21/11.

Mine was corrected a week or so ago


Matt, the same problem has occured again. I am showing up 1.4% already for feb, when this was based on US listed etfs traded yesterday. Yet again i need to warn people on my blog to treat c2 stats with a pinch of salt. Please fix.[LINKSYSTEM_56534251]

Hmm, now the 1.4% gain in Feb for Asset Rotation has changed to +0.1%, but the gains of 7.5% in Jan and 0.5% in Feb for Asset Rotation Premium are still unchanged.

I could understand perhaps having issues with the days cut-off point if I were trading 24 hour traded futures, but not US etfs.

Any chance of a response on this Matt?

Hi, Nigel:

I fixed the stats for the first system right after you posted (which is why you noticed the change) but I wasn’t aware you also had the same problem with your second system. I have just adjusted the month-end cut-off time for that system, too, as per your request.

Give it 30 minutes or so to appear on your screen.


Thanks for that Matthew. Presumably there’s more complexity to this than I give credit to, but surely this should be something that is made correct c2-wide not just on a system by system basis? Correct stats or at least the main ones are highly important for anyone using C2 as a third-party auditor for credibility purposes.