IBKR Lite. Commission free IBKR

Interactive Brokers to launch IBKR Lite. New service will provide commission-free, unlimited trades on US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs - plus no account minimums or inactivity fees and free market data for US exchange-traded stocks. $IBKR

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Yeah! Hopefully this could become an answer to the earlier forum post:

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Interesting trend (thanks Robinhood)… but Schwab is not a broker we can use with our C2 accounts. IB is.

Looks like the IBKR offer will not support API access.

So do we know if subscribers to C2 strategies will be able to use the IBKR lite version or is the connection between C2 considered an API that has to be the Pro version?

As a side note, it would have been really hard I think for C2Broker to have survived this space now.

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No commission free for people outside US??. Hope this commision war make it posible

So does C2 work with IBKR lite or not??

We heard from Interactive Brokers and they said that, at this time, “IBKR Lite” accounts cannot work with C2.