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Silver has bounced off support and is nicely moving upwards. I had earlier purchased 10 ounces of Silver and as soon as the market opens today i will be in with another 10 ounces. It is important to remember that Silver was at $ 90 /ounce in 1979. There is a potential for Silver to move upwards. Unfortunately XAG/USD pair is not supported by Collective2 as one of its Forex pairs

Hi, Hina:

USA accounts are not permitted to trade XAG/USD, which is we do not support it. You can trade a silver futures contract, instead, which C2’s USA customers are allowed to trade in their broker accounts.

Mr. Klein, just want to clarify that the USA traders are allowed to trade XAG/USD & XAU/USD, but are not allowed leverage on these pairs. You can trade these pairs without any leverage i.e. to buy 1 unit of XAG/USD you have to set aside a margin $ 19.60 and to trade 1 unit of XAU/USD a margin of $ 1270 has to be set aside. The margin goes up & down along with the price of these commodities.



The Silver price has broken minor trade and is steadily moving up. XAG/USD is currently trading at 19.85/ounce. Still a lot of upside potential in this trade

Correction; broken minor resistance

Another good day for Silver. It is up to 20.70. A minor resistance here on the weekly chart. The price will gyrate here before breaking this resistance. Once this minor resistance breaks. I will add another 10 ounces to my Silver portfolio