Next show on the silver screen

Is m2 the ultimate denomination of wealth?
A decade ago in 2004 silver was only $6 an ounce then in 2008 $9 now in 2014 you are looking at almost double what it was six years ago. Even the epic loss in 2011 did not seem to tarnish SLV as an investment. I would look at these numbers and agree that investing in silver is a sure bet. Floating rate notes (FRNs) cannot compare to silver trading, when buying silver it 19s more of a stack and hold type of investment. The metals market cannot keep up the lows we see, the production in mining is well above the low numbers that we are trading at currently. Are industrial buyers just locking in a supply? We are seeing mass rollover of long contracts, unusual for industrial buyer 19s positions. These seem to be a 1Cdeeper pocket 1D strategy, possibly metal manipulation. Silver is oversold when looking at a technical picture, last year looking at the RSI you see silver bottoming with lows right before it hit the lows June of last year. Has the spike in SLV just begun? We saw record sales last month, with the most volume ever seen in SLV COMEX futures, even shortages in the physical metal.
Could silver go lower? Some traders predict $15 others see the lows just a way for the SGE to buy discounted metals and horde them until they can control the new fix price. Who can really predict the drop or rise with all the global entities corrupting the market. We never thought we would see interest rates at zero, how do we know what is to come? Well look at history, look at human and market predictability, in no way will they just let metals go lower than we see now. This is why trading metals is really the way to go; yes holding the physical PMs is a great insurance for your own personal assets. Trading metal options is a true and complete strategy. While the cost of silver is so low I personally would stack and hold, however as it gets higher lets say over $49 I would switch to lead.