Hi Guys.

Has anyone had any incorrect drawdowns show up on strategies over the last hour?

We have 3 strategies that show drawdowns of over 100%, even though they are dramatically positive at the moment.

There aren’t any expired contracts out there, and the exposure is very small.

It has resulted in one strategy I follow being number 1 on the C2 leaderboard, to vanishing off the leaderboard.

I’m sure it’s a short term software glitch, which will be resolved shortly, but it’s giving me a mild heart murmur at the moment.

Has this happened to anyone else over the last hour?

Would appreciate your feedback guys.

I agree. C2 has been slow to update DD and return this week.

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It’s been resolved now…Perhaps a software glitch. After a couple of hours all was good again. Thanks for the responses though guys.

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I still have the wrong drawdown reflected!


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