Instant Trade Messenger (ITM) window time format

The time field in the ITM window appears to use a 12-hour time format without indicating am/pm. I would recommend that it follows the format used in the C2 “Position Details” section of a system, e.g. 24-hour military time.

Example, Position Detail says “BTC 5 664.60 11/15/05 13:25”,

while the ITM window for the same trade says “11/15 Likely fill @664.60 01:25 Buy to close 5 @ER2Z5 at mkt DAY”,

Note the 01:25 versus 13:25 for the timestamps between the two.


May I suggest also that all time-of-day fields on this site consitently report the time-zone as UTC-4 or UTC, as TradeBullet does in its log-file. This will greatly clarify things for me and the large number of international users.