Intraday margin fluctuation

There are serious swings with the margin for futures. Both yesterday and today, there were times when I simply wasn’t allowed to use even 1 contract with about $5600 cash, or just 1 contract for hours. The problem seems to be happening between 11 am and 1 pm Eastern.

Right now it allows me to use up to 3 contracts, as it should.

Currently it is showing margins of $1555 or so for 1 contract, but at times it went up to $4340 or anywhere in between. I wonder if others have the same problem???


The margins aren’t necessarily changing. But perhaps you are not taking into consideration that - when you open one contract - you need to put up the margin plus any drawdown in your already-open position…(?)

I did consider that. Both days there were short timeframes when I couldn’t open a position even with 1 contract, and 2 hours later I could with 3…