Latest Seetu improvements

For all you programmers (or aspiring programmers) out there we’ve added some new resources to Seetu, Collective2’s new trading-strategy programming language and backtesting environment.

First, we’ve posted some new how-to videos at C2 University. In the most recent video (Seetu Lesson #3), I fight through a brutal head-cold to show you how you can use Seetu to send Seetu-generated trading signals into a Collective2 trading system you manage.

Second, we’ve vastly improved the Seetu online documentation. Now we have a real programming language reference, complete with hyperlinks, indexes, etc.

Many, many more improvements and additions to Seetu are coming soon.

I really encourage all C2 members who have a technical bent to experiment with Seetu. While it’s in a very early beta test mode, it’s still pretty cool: you can backtest your trading strategies on years worth of daily data, and can run your strategies on a go-forward basis, too.

No software to run on your computer (everything accessible through your browser) - and, of course, the price is right: it’s free, baby, free.

Check it out.