IRA Friendly requirements

Is there an official list of requirements to be considered an IRA Friendly strategy on the leaderboard? I thought it was long only stocks and ETFs with no day trading but I see some strategies that have traded options are also on the leaderboard. Is option trading acceptable to be IRA Friendly?

Thank you

I thought options were not allowed on there even though you obviously can do some options strategies in IRAs.

That’s what I thought too.

Interactive Brokers allows IRA accounts do certain option trades, as well as futures, etc.

That’s true but I mean the C2 requirements. When I select IRA friendly in the leaderboard it says “long only; stocks only”. I assumed that meant no options.

I was concerned I would get removed from that leaderboard when adding options but was glad to see I haven’t been. I run that strategy using BrokerTransmit out of my IRA. So the trades are obviously IRA friendly. I do hope that it is intentional on C2s part.

Interestingly my strategy that only trades stocks isn’t on there but it does trade SVXY which isn’t ira friendly because of the k-1

Yours is the strategy I was looking at, but I wouldn’t want to call out a strategy by name. I know C2 always likes to err for the lowest common denominator when it comes to brokers and many retirement accounts do not allow options, like mine (although it is Canadian). It’s odd your strategy still shows it doesn’t trade options. I’m thinking C2 only reclassifies strategies every so often and hasn’t yet since your option trades were fairly recent. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I have wondered if it was simply because I added options later. I hope I stay on there, but if I don’t so be it. I will say I definitely suggest people trade in ways that I consider to be IRA friendly. The primary point to me there is only enter investments where you can’t lose more than you put into the investment.

I think you are right though because here it doesn’t even show that I do trade options

I guess good bye IRA leaderboard when they sort it out. It was nice knowing you.

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