Is it an impossible to get track record?

As i look through the various trading systems i ran across one which appears to have started with about 25K and the first 3 trades each had 50 russell contracts and lasted only a few minutes. They made about 20K. After that all of the trades were stocks. Is it actually possible to trade 50 russell contracts with only 25K??

Just noticed that the intra day margin per contract is 5900. This would make it impossible for the system 784000 to have the track record that they do. Perhaps Mathew can fix this.

Yes some brokers have 500 dollars margin requirement to day trade the TF .

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So the question is …do we use “some broker” or do we use what is written on the C2 site when it comes to margin ??

You are mixing between maintenance margins and day trading margin . What’s written is not the day trading margin .