Is it possible to make high frequency trading work on C2

Good day, I was wondering what people’s experiences are on using C2 for high frequency trading systems are ? Today I have had no success due to much slippage etc. would this be a typical experience for the C2 community ? rgds pjg

I would say there is zero chance of a true HFT strategy being successful with the C2 model. By the time the signals go from the source to c2 then to the subs brokers any speed advantage is lost. The reality is although we can now all execute our trades direct in the market in fractions of seconds, we are now slow participants in the market.

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HFT trading is based on rebates, microstructure alphas, mass cancels, q-spot prioritites and something like 6us tick to trade latency.
Obviously it wont work and you probably dont have a machine learning server farm with latency capturing (the later requires a GPS antenna on the roof of C2 data center)

I would add that even scalping strategies, which I would define as any higher trade frequency systems that have tight stops/targets, are also less likely to have success on C2 due to the nature of latency, liquidity, and the inherent drawback of market orders.