Can a scalping strategy work on C2 with a 5min Chart?

I have created a system but it is based on 5min forex scalping strategy based ob 5 min Chart with an average of about 300 pips monthly.
I need to send out signals quickly and expect traders to be sitting on pc and opening/closing positions very fast on upon receiving signal.
Can C2 help or scalping is not for C2?

Please advise me.


C2 offers autotrade which posts your trades to followers very quickly.

Are you running your system signals from ninjatrader, meta etc?

Our system is run off tick data on futures

It trades frequently and we have been narrowing down issues with over fills/failed signals from ninja to c2. Given servers/systems rely on technologies that cannot account for every possible failure all you can do is test your system and see how it reacts with the delays between c2 and your subscribers. If its not up to your standards make changes and adapt.

The issue is not really C2’s latency/speed of execution (which is pretty fast). The issue is whether the brokers have liquidity at prices you are trying to trade at, and - related to this - whether the per-trade profits you are hoping to achieve are larger than the typical bid/ask spread.

So it depends what you mean by “scalping.” In general, if you are earning “300 pips monthly” using simulated trading (i.e. TradeStation backtesting, or some MT4 demo account), and if you rely on limit orders, and if your average trade profit is small compared to the spread, then probably you will be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you simply want to get into a trade very quickly, and out of a trade quickly, and if the per-trade profit is significantly greater than the currency-pair spread, you’ll be okay. C2 can handle the speed of your orders just fine. What C2 can’t do is bend the nature of reality so that real-money trading resembles a simulated demo trading account in which all limit orders get filled at the limit price, and in which there is infinite liquidity at every price.

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If anybody wants to have some fun and see what obfuscation tactics the vendor uses go to Bot Muncher NDX, click on his name and on the new window which opens click on Strategy Activity Details.

Thank you Matthew for adding this feature.

With all due respect Karl, This is unintended. We are not trying to create any confusion, we came to this site to create a track record for our algorithms and in the future become registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

There have been large scale testing and adaptation efforts in the last few months to make our algorithms functionality adhere to what C2 offers. We want to offer our algorithm on this website to create a track record and feel its a great environment to see what our competition has to offer.

Given an algorithm that trades very frequently with futures contracts, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Server/Connection down times, over fills, slippage are all area’s where we have experienced issues both on our end and C2’s. With all that said, our systems are continuously being monitored and tested if we feel that a change needs to be made and do not have subscribers we reset the system, earlier systems have been killed due to the fact that there were early subscribers and WE HAD NOT adequately tested the systems on C2. We are trying to make sure our systems are successful on this site which I feel is the most important step for any strategy developer to make.

I only recently made them visible to display the time frames that they take trades to show AbsarKhan2. Again ‘Botmuncher’ systems are still under construction but we are making big steps for a successful future.
There are a lot of concerns about clarity of systems on the site and our only comment here is that if developers didnt have to pay for test systems then we feel that it would improve the quality of the available systems for subscribers on the site, our 2 cents.

Bot Muncher, I certainly wish you success in your endeavor, I might even subscribe in the future to your system once you have established a track record with real live trades which would be easy for you to do by getting TOS certified but until you get TOS I have to conclude that you are using C2 just to forward test your strategy as so many other vendors do.

We appreciate that and we are planning on TOS certification, The certification began and we need to coordinate with Ninjatrader brokerage to complete the process.

At this point we have been trouble shooting issues mentioned above, which given the original posters questions felt were fair to provide. If there were a way to keep our strategies in a test mode and still have them shared via the grid etc we would opt to do just that. We are not trying to collude or make money off subscribers, and we have not charged any subscriber any fee’s from past performing subscriptions.

We are trying to provide clarity and trouble shoot / mitigate future issues we have experienced and that others may be experiencing.

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Thank you for the useful information. Very informative.

I will be trialing this in the future but just a small query, why do you not show the number of users per strategy. By not disclosing this it creates an air of mis-trust