Is this related to the hacker incident?


For the second day in a row I can’t access the “Entry Signal API” page ( Different browsers, different places to go from - just an empty page.

I did not copy the information form it (which I regret now) and I need it for the further development.

Are there any other links where I can read the docs online or download the Signal API docs?


Hi,Dmitri - The problem with the API page has been fixed. Please try again. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks Matt, it works now.

I appreciate your fast (as always) response regardless of possibly tons of emails you’re receiving now with the sh%t happened recently.

A little word of support: I used to run a trading software development business and have met all that kinds of hacks on my Web sites, including a plain blackmail from some UK-based hacker group which later have been convicted. Everything will be back to normal soon, I think.

Best wishes in Year 2010!