We recently did a major overhaul of the software which serves up the Web pages here on C2. Although you probably won’t have any problems, if you notice something funky (say, on the order entry screen), make sure you do the following:

1) Clear your browser “cache.” To do this:

Firefox users: Tools --> Clear Private Data…

Microsoft Internet Explorer users: Tools --> Internet Options --> General --> Delete… browsing history.

2) Shut down browser and restart.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Probably this is related: This morning my software (which uses the C2 APIs) could no longer logion to the C2 server.

This is serious because subscribers wait for new signals.

Any ideas?

I have a problem to connect to API.

API server… ( refuses a connection.

I need the EXACT call you are making. Please email me:

Problem fixed now.

Thanks for quick action.

Matt, did you changed a response format?

Until today it was "pseudo-XML text" as you write in documentation.

But now it is … what???

New response:



<comments>Signal 31118342 accepted for immediate processing.</comments>




Content-type: text/html




Looking now…