Issue with OEC gen3 DAX trades

Hi Matthew,

I have been trading now for more than a week on gen3 OEC and I am finding delays and massive slippage for DAX and BP.

As an example consider yesterday’s trade for DAX.

from ITM

9-Nov Likely fill @5599.50 10:00 Buy to open 1 XGZ9

9-Nov Likely fill @5617 11:29 Sell to close 1 XGZ9

from my OEC account

9-Nov Fill 5606.00 10:08 Buy to open 1 XGZ9

9-Nov Fill 5617.00 11:29 Sell to close 1 XGZ9

As you can see there was an 8 minute delay on the entry (ITM at 10.00 and execution at 10.08). This 8 minute delay costed 6.5 DAX points ($244). I do not consider this acceptable and would like you to investigate what is causing this.

Please, consider that this is not an isolated incident as the results of my OEC live account vs C2 hypothetical results are dramatically lower for both DAX and BP.

What is impacting live performance and such delays for these 2 symbols?

What system is this for? What is the signal id (or some identifying information about the signal)?

Matthew, the system is VT26. I do not see any signal ID in the ITM summary…

Hi Manuel,

Yesterday, OEC had server problems and rebooted their server just as a VT26 signal was sent at 10:00. The position was opened by Sync a few minutes after OEC came back online, causing slippage.

While this is unfortunate, OEC rarely has any problems and their fills are usually very good.

I looked at your record since your started autotrading VT26 Nov 4 and here is what I see:

Out of 50 fills, only 3 show any slippage including the one above. One had .03 slippage, and another had 0.7. The rest were perfect–no slippage at all. If you consider that all 50 orders were market orders that is a pretty amazing record.

Francis, thanks for your reply. I am following up with OEC at this point.

I would also appreciate if you could check the closing trades below and revert back on what caused slippage on them.

Was there any Synch?



Symbol Fill price Avg Price Timestamp Delta c2

6BZ9(BPZ9) 165.9000 165.9250 11/05/09 07:13:07.000 -15.63

6JZ9(JYZ9) 10.9840 11.0050 10/30/09 06:02:23.000 -12.50

6JZ9(JYZ9) 11.0110 11.0000 11/04/09 06:13:49.000 -12.50

6EZ9(ECZ9) 148.6600 149.0300 11/06/09 08:10:09.000 -9.50

6EZ9(ECZ9) 146.8800 147.0800 11/03/09 04:57:01.000 -8.00

GGCZ9 1,043.90 1,042.80 10/30/09 09:35:49.000 -7.00

GGCZ9 1,090.20 1,093.40 11/05/09 11:48:30.000 -7.00

GCLZ9 80.6300 80.4900 11/04/09 08:29:10.000 -6.00

RLM-MZ9 570.50 573.7000 11/04/09 11:50:01.000 -4.00

6BZ9(BPZ9) 162.7600 162.8650 11/03/09 04:57:51.000 -3.75

6BZ9(BPZ9) 165.5600 166.2500 11/06/09 08:34:09.000 -2.50

I started looking through some of the trades you mentioned above… and then stopped. There is virtually no slippage in the cases you mention – no difference between what your brokerage account received and the hypothetical price posted on the C2 site.

Two examples.

Example One:

Trade date: 11/6 8:34 ET

Symbol: BPZ9

C2 hypothetical fill: 1.65562

Your real-life autotrade fill: 1.65560

A difference of 0.00002 (You claimed slippage of "-2.50")

Example Two:

Trade date: 11/5 7:13 ET

Symbol: BP

C2 hypothetical fill: 1.6590

Your real-life autotrade fill: 1.6590

A difference of 0.0000 (You claimed slippage of "-15.63")

… I stopped looking at this point. I see almost no slippage in your account.

Matthew, you are correct on the second example as there was a miscalculation on my side. However, on the first example something does not add up. I was calculating slippage by looking at P&L not by looking at entry-exit prices.

Trade date: 11/6

Symbol: BPZ9

Buy 2 contracts C2 hypothetical fill: 1.662500 (my real-life autotrade fill: 1.662500).

Sell 2 contracts C2 hypothetical fill: 1.655600 (my real-life autotrade fill: 1.655600).

So, as you correctly point out, no slippage.


C2 P&L = -860

my P&L from statement = -862.50

Here is the 2.50 difference.

Please bear in mind that this does not include any commission or fee as those are calculated separately in the statement.

Hence the question, why a difference of $2.50?

It seems the error is on C2 side.

The trade was -69 ticks. At $6.25 per tick and 2 lots the P&L is -862.50.

Why does C2 show -860?

Hello, any update here?

The difference between the 860 and the 862.5 is due to the decimal rounding that occurs when P/L is displayed for instruments with large numbers of decimal points. (I.E. instruments where the price is something like .123456.)