Serious trouble with OEC Futures today

Today, trades for two of my systems were delayed for a long time - like 40 minutes - and executed at a much worse price causing large losses. For other systems trade times were completely different than what is reported by C2, reported fills though were correct.

I have sent Francis an email this morning regarding one of the malfunctioning but have not received an answer yet.

It is very disturbing that one cannot rely even on Gen3 systems. From the live brokerage data I can see that other subscribers who also use OEC for the two systems had the same problems.

Hi, Karl -

Francis is traveling today, so please forward to me the specifics by email. I’d like to know the which system, symbol, time, etc. That we we can figure out what happened.


In the meantime I received a message from Francis saying that OEC had trouble this morning with European futures and both systems mentioned were trading those, so apparently it was OEC’s fault.


I can confirm it was OEC"s fault with the European futures today. I called them this morning when the trades were being rejected (you should be able to see the rejected trades in your OEC Trader software) , and they said that their connection was down with the exchange.


This is another reason why C2 should put more effort into bringing the promised Gen3 connection to IB on line. I don’t thing any broker can beat IB as far as reliability or any other trading aspect is concerned.