"Keep after worst slippage"

Hi Matthew,

I am rather concerned by the accuracy of the slippage field in the Statistics for my system. I have had seven trades in 41 days, and would certainly say that does not constitute scalping. However my "Keep after worst slippage" has fallen to 92.9%. This figure has come down by 1% per trade and, as I am not scalping, seems a little unjust.

Thank you for your help.[LINKSYSTEM_49836471]

The stat in question is not meant solely to flag scalping systems. The stat compares the average profit you make, on a per unit basis, versus the bid/ask spread of the instruments you trade. So, while a “bad” number (which 93% is not, by the way) could indicate a “scalping system,” it could also indicate a system where the average profit size is quite small relative to the spread you need to surmount for each instrument you trade. This is a proxy measurement for the question, “How likely is it that expected slippage will degrade my system’s performance?” – but it’s not an absolutely perfect or predictive measurement.

Great, thanks Matthew.[LINKSYSTEM_49836471]

Hi Matthew,

It has now gone to -2070.0%! This seems ridiculous considering:

1. The account has made a profit.

2. The maximum drawdown is 12%

I think it may be a bit misleading.[LINKSYSTEM_49836471]