Question about Statistics

Would it be possible to flag statistics on a system page that are REALLY bad? For example, Profit Factor or Sharpe below 1.0, negative APD, "Keep after worst-case slippage below 50%", etc. etc.???

In other words, have the stat appear in red rather than green, to catch the eye to potential problems

I noticed one system (USS) looks very good, until you notice this:

Keep after worst-case slippage 15.8%

Its a good thought, but I can see lots of arguments about what is "good" and what is "bad." Its a lot of work, but maybe it can be a percentile rank (like APD information is now), either to all systems or to systems with subscribers (which theoretically should be "good" systems). That would make it more objective.

that is why I said things like "negative" PF or ADP, etc - these generally means it is a losing system. It just flags something that is either terrible slippage or unprofitable, etc.

Something with good stats and a 15% keep after slippage likely means it is untradeable.

That’s again a strange stat. If you look at the real-life slippage of USS based on 641 real life trades it shows no slippage. That is enough information for me about the slippage but looking at the other stats of that system, I wouldn’t subscribe.

- Panu

I am assuming the 15% keep after slippage has something to do with trading the US $, which is a low volume futures contract…

But you are right, it is strange that real-life slippage is so different…

Reading the system reviews, a bigger problem than system stats seems to be over leveraging. I’ve done it myself and I know how easy it is to do at C2. People report losing half of their account when the system has had a minimal drawdown of 10% or so.

The fact that even good systems also go a little bit down sometimes should be communicated better to the first time subscribers. For example 5 first subscriptions would generate an e-mail telling about leverage and the same text could be shown also on the screen immediately after subscription.