Last trade is still not true

I checked the chart for my last trade, and it missed getting filled by 8 pips. If one of my subscribers auto or manual actually got filled in my RT Forex North account, please let me know. Otherwise I think the trade should have been canceled. Please check any forex chart you like for that currency and time period. It could not have gone down 8 pips by magic for the USD/JPY.

I e-mailed you the price chart from FXCM showing I was not even close to touching that price on USD/JPY. For those of us that trade real money and have real subscribers, I would like C2 to represent real money trades, not data errors.

You have fixed these problems in the past to correct my graph. Please either correct the trade, or prove that I am wrong by e-maiing me a CHART from ANY REAL MONEY FOREX broker showing that the price got down that far!

What’s the point of selling systems through C2 if we can’t get real graphs for our systems showing real orders and prices that a subscriber should expect? I never complain about real loses that I have taken since I take them in my real money account too. I just don’t like loses due to errors with your site.

Thanks in advance…

Brad, I think you should report that via the Report Problem link.

Matthew, thanks for looking at my subcribers real money accounts and fixing the problem.

Jules, I did previously report the problem, but had to show to show some proof which I did and the problem has been resolved.