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Leaderboard (beta test)


I believe that risk management is fundamental in any type of strategy. Standard deviation and Beta are two measures of volatility. I think it’s good to take into account that:

  • A stock that has a low standard deviation can have a high beta if it is highly correlated with the market.
  • A low-beta stock can be highly volatile (high standard deviation): its wild price swings would just be uncorrelated with the market.
    I think it is very important to incorporate these two risk measures.


I had a couple of suggestions for improvements but not sure where to put them.

  1. When looking at other strategies to subscribe to I often see their equity curves and virtually always the starting capital their curve begins with is very different from what amount I want to invest. I think it would be helpful if there was an easy way for users to type in their own starting capital and have the curve redrawn. So if a strategy started with $100,000 but I wanted to see if only investing $10,000 would have done well or if it would have been eaten up by commissions, AutoTrade, and subscription fees I can easily do this. The minimum starting capital obviously helps for this but I think something the user could adjust would be more beneficial.

  2. For the leaderboard I see many young and often risky strategies bump to the top. Part of me thinks that if C2 wants to promote more longevity the default tab for leaderboards should be the IRA or TOS option and people have to click to go to the popularity tab which seems to get more of the unsustainable strategies on it.

As always I know improvements require work and not everyone is going to agree on them. Just my opinion.


Why on earth would TOS not be a factor?
Certainly actual live results must be weighted much heavier than those with no skin in the game.
I mean does it really make sense to judge a system with Zero TOS the same as one with 50% TOS the same as 100% TOS?


thats because TOS strategy is prob like 1% of all the strategy at c2. which also mean c2 doesnt want to turn away from 99% of their clientele. they want to be “fair” to all their developer clients.