Length of Session Before Logout


I am using the Data Connection feature of Excel 2007 to create a spreadsheet of all open positions and current profit/losses in my trading system. Excel can automatically import and refresh a HTML table. For example. I was using the URL http://preview.collective2.com/cgi-perl/system42774997?systemid=42774997 overnight, but it stopped receiving data overnight and I had to login again this morning.

I have adjusted the expiration date of the local cookie in Internet Explorer to make sure they don’t expire for a long time, but after several hours, Excel can no longer get updates to the HTML table of open positions and I must manually login to C2 again to get Excel to show the data again.

Is there another way to easily get a list of open positions and current profit/loss stats via an API, or is there a way I can have a longer session with C2 so that manual intervention is not required to keep Excel up to date?

Thanks so much!