Why do we have so many abrupt log-offs by C2?

Matthew, is there a way that C2 could warn its users before abruptly disconnecting them from the site? Say, time limit is up, etc.


Actually, I’ve noticed this happening more frequently too. You are supposed to have 8 hours in your session before logoff. Have your recent incidents of abrupt session-endings happened sooner than that? If so, can you let me know if you have more than one C2 window open in your browser (under different browser tabs)? I’m trying to understand the pattern in which this occurs.


Yes, the endings, at times, came within 10-30 minutes after my logins.

I have had only one C2 window open at all times using the latest IE version.


It would be nice if we didn’t have to continually re-login daily. How about only once every 2 weeks if we choose (i.e., the option to stay logged in for 2 weeks on secured computers - a la Google Mail or Yahoo Mail which also have this option; I believe they implement with cookies)?