Limit orders and buying at open at candle the same?

BuyPrice = SellPrice = Open; does this line of seetu put in a limit order at the open of the candle? on 1 minute i assume.

BuyPricelimit = SellPricelimit = Open; screwed with the bot heavily my shorts got amazing and my longs not so much almost inverted

Say the opening time is 09:30:00 AM.
If a trade happens on the market at that time, you will receive an opening price at 09:30:01 AM or later.

How can you open a trade on open of the 09:30:00 AM bar using the opening price, if you received that opening price at 09:30:01 AM or later?

You can open a trade on the open of the NEXT bar only.

And please do understand that if you are trading on 1- minute bars, then it means 1 minute bars including CLOSING prices. So you can’t trade on the same bar because it is already a history.

i read somewhere in the language functions that seetu would put the buy order off of a 1minute time frame even if i programmed the bot to go off of a 5min time frame. my question is does it put in a limit order. although i am pretty certain that it does because it gives a reference to the price.

I am not sure I understand your questions.

Perhaps you mean SetTradeDelays option:

Re limit orders see the PriceType parameter in C2TradingSignal