Everlast system

Hi to everybody,

this is my firts post,and first of all I want to congratulate the creators of Collective 2 for the web.

The reason for the post is beacuse I tried to send a signal for my system Everlast but didn´t work at all.

The signal I tried to send it was…

Buy at open SWU(Swiss market September) at market price.

After the first attempt I tried Buy at close,even Buy at open limited price,and buy at open SWQ(August).

None of these signals was executed,please let me know what is the issue.

Please,let me know also,what is the difference between order at opne and order at close.

Thanks in advance.


Ok,I find the problem it was my fault.

But let me know the difference between orders at open and orders at close.(what time frame?)


"Buy To Open" does not mean "buy at the time that the market opens for trading."

It means: Buy in order to open a long position.

Compare this to "Buy to Close" which means: Buy in order to close a position (obviously a short position).

In other words, at C2, you need to specify not only whether you are buying or selling, but also whether your trade is meant to either:

a) Create a new position (or increase an existing position)


b) Close a position (or decrease an existing position)

This notion helps ensure that AutoTrader accounts stay in sync with system intentions.