Limiting risk for subscribers

Hi fellas,

I use a trading system that adjusts the lot size to limit the risk to, let’s say, 1% which is the percentage of my equity that can only lose when the market reverses and hits the stop-loss I’ve set.

This method is one of the critical aspects of my system’s success. So, my question is - Is there a function I can use while auto-trading that “forces” subscribers to limit their risk to 1% and adjust their lot-sizes accordingly (based on their account sizes)?

I am just trying to figure out how to take advantage of this potency that makes my system profitable.

Agree…this would be hugely valuable (but probably a nightmare to program and maintain…)

So, this means this kind of function does not exist yet?

What a bummer!

Maybe one other way of doing this is to encourage subscribers to this system is to limit contract sizes for their trades and gradually increase the size as their accounts increase.

That’ll mean they’ll have to work for it.