Major problems with TradeBullet and/or C2

I want to put everyone on alert that there were some serious problems yesterday and today with TB and or C2. Transactions which ocurred in one system were reported as if they had ocurred in another one and two large stock fills were executed in my account as if they were signald by one system but in fact were not or at least have not shown up on the system page.

So far I have not received a response to my messages from one of the affected vendors or Matthew.



You emailed me not quite 10 minutes before you posted your question here on the forum claiming lack of response.

I am forwarding your question to TradeBullet Support, since you are using TradeBullet. I will help Francis answer your questions of course.



The purpose of my post was not to claim lack of response, I apologize if you look at this way, but to put other subscribers on alert.

I could have incurred large losses of the two unaccounted stock purchase in my account - in the meantime I was able to close them out at small losses.