Manual Trade and Auto Trade

I’m currently auto-trading only 1 system, FreedomEURUSD.
Auto-sync is turned off because I also manual trade in that brokerage account.
I have my system set to 125%.
1 trade for for this system is short 20,000 EURUSD. 125% should be short 25,000.
Now, when the system goes short, I only get 20,000 short in my account. I chalk that up to the fact that auto-sync is turned off; probably just a limitation that the multiplier doesn’t work unless auto-sync is enabled.
BUT (the really bad part), when the system covers the 20,000 with a buy, it buys 30,000 in my account. 30K seems random… but it has happened to me twice. I will also state that it has worked correctly a few times… so even more random.

So twice when the system has done a round trip sell/buy, I end up 10,000 long at the end. Needless to say, long the EUR is no bueno. Luckily I noticed quickly and only lost like $30 or so.

Can someone please explain why C2 is sizing me in such a weird way?



Your manual trades get assigned to one of your Autotraded systems, and C2 closing orders are percent based, not fixed quantities, so when the system says “close 100% EUR/USD”, the Autotrade server will close 100% of the position it sees in that system, including your manual fills.

Thanks for the response. But if it is closing 100% including my manual trades, why would I end up 10000 long instead of flat? I don’t understand the math there. Thanks.

To answer that question, you would need to give me the symbol with an exact time & date. Please send your details to