Set up assistance

While the set up seems pretty simple, even for a dummy like me, I’m afraid I’ve done something wrong.
The strategy I’m auto trading is up for last week significantly, but I have literally lost all the gains I had previously made.
I received several auto-sync stops for “external trade activity” on my brokerage account last week, activity I didn’t create. I have auto trade so I DONT NEED TO MAKE extracurricular trades.
But, I can only imagine my trade management reverted to multiple contract settings when I restarted auto-trade after the sync stops.
Is this possible?
And since I didn’t exercise any out of network trades, how could they happen?
(After investigating the trade records, my brokerage says ALL trades have come from C2, and only C2.)
I love this trading method and I see great potential. But this is now the 2nd time this has happened, and my faith is shaken. With the current dive in the markets, I can’t seem to get the busy folks at C2 support to contact me for a little help with set up, so I’m asking here.
Many thanks to all.
David, on strike 2…

Hi David,

The user “AMPRiskF8” (your broker) liquidated the position on 2018-02-05 15:09:55. As you are probably aware, markets were very volatile last week and all brokers tightened their margin requirements, resulting in forced liquidations in many accounts.

Whenever an execution occurs and C2 didn’t send the order, we automatically disable AutoSync to prevent Sync from trying to reopen the position your broker just closed.

To prevent this from reoccurring, I recommend that you contact your broker before re-enabling Autotrade to make sure you have the required account equity to place the orders the system is trading.

The trader on my system, who had less in his account and whom I should have mirrored, had no such issues.

So we’ll chalk up the loss and move ahead.

  1. After being stopped by auto sync, is it possible for the system to revert to trading multiple contracts on restart?

  2. Going forward, how do I ensure I’m only trading one contract per trade?
    Is that under trade management, and I should insert a value of 1?
    Would a stop loss of 250$ be of any help?

Thank you for your kind assistance, sir.


  1. If you are referring to your Autotrade setup: yes you can set any % up to the maximum allowed under your plan, see

  2. set a max quantity of 1 in your Autotrade setup. That is a per-strategy setting. You can also add a manual stop-loss but be aware this changes the risk profile of the strategy (you might get stopped out of profitable trades).