Margin and buying power

Invalid Order
I receiver this error message when I want to pass my order.

Problem with signal
Unable to STO 504 SPY - Current account buying power is $49,972.10, cash is $49,972.10; equity=$0.00; currMarginUsed=$0.00; proposed trade would lower by $50,069.88 (C2 Err Code: PreMarginCheck)

Don t understand why ?


You don’t have enough buying power in your Model Account. At the time you entered the order, C2 treated symbol SPY as requiring $198.69 of Buy Power per share (i.e. half of the assumed price of the instrument; implying buying on 50% margin).

Reduce your proposed trade quantity and try again.

The margin is way too high. I cannot have more than 2x leverage trading SPY ? I belive it s a way too pessimist assumption. Not mentionning that the stopis entered at the same than the entrylimit orders and that the position is intraday.

Is there a way to change this?


No. We require conservative margin use in your model account. If you have autotraders, they can jack up real-life leverage however they want/are allowed.