Orders accepted and then cancelled by the system

Hey C2-

I’ve had a successful integration running now for 4 months. Over the last two days, I have seen several of my orders accepted via the API and then immediately CANCELLED by the system. Below is the response I received for one such order (2/26/13).

Can you point out what I am doing wrong?



opening order response AGU

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>


<ack>Signal Received</ack>



<comments>Signal 79410442 accepted for immediate processing.</comments>

<oca />

<delay />



The signal is being canceled because you do not have enough buying power in your Model Account. Error message follows:

Current account cash is $5,076.27; proposed trade requires cash of $7,724.97

Thanks for the reply Matthew.

That makes sense. I read (and assumed) that C2 will support a maximum available margin of 50% for stocks. The system is showing:

Margined $0

Is there a configuration change that will enable the system to trade on margin?



Any update you can provide?


You already have access to 2x leverage for stocks (50% margin) – nothing you need to do – it’s automatic. But C2’s margining system requires you need to be able to put up 50% of a position in cash.