Mehta Biotech Capital: Week 15 Update

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Mehta Biotech Capital believes that recovery is slowly underway in the land of biotech, and equities in the sector are getting an additional lift from Pfizer’s (PFE) planned merger with Allergan (AGN), announced Monday. Since testing the current down trend at $339 two weeks ago, the NASDAQ Biotech Index Fund (IBB) pulled back slightly to re-test support at $320 before bouncing and breakout of of the current trend last week. This is the next step to confirming that a recovery is fully underway, and our inclination is that we’re on our way back to highs as the long-term trend resumes. The PFE-AGN news, the upcoming American Society of Hematology annual meeting, and the JP Morgan healthcare conference in early January all act as tailwinds for the sector. How long this move lasts in the face of an election year becomes the follow-on question, but this is still months away. For now, Mehta Biotech Capital has taken notice how the sector is setting up for a run into year-end and our fund is positioned to take advantage of catalyst-based trades that will experience the highest gains for subscribers.

You can learn more about Mehta Biotech Capital here:

Impressive, especially buying 4,210 shares of TROXG when only 256 shares traded that day. Then to be able to get out of that position on the 21st when only 08 shares traded.
Can you explain how you managed to pull that off, would love to be able to do that.
(Nasdaq TROXG historical)

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Just checked another trade you supposedly made bought 28,108 shares of ARAO at $0.06, sold $0.37 on a day when volume was 1,100.