Mehta Biotech Capital: Week 17 Update

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Mehta Biotech Capital has spent the last two weeks neck-deep in medical data from the American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) annual meeting. Among the biggest losers this year: bluebird bio (BLUE), Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO), and Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT).

BLUE has now round-tripped completely since this time last year, from $50 to $190 and back to $50 almost to the day from a year ago at ASH. Mehta Biotech Capital has written at length about BLUE over this time. Where do we stand now? In short, it’s early to get long, but we think as the sex appeal wears off (bluebird has plenty of work to do improving on LentiGlobin) the stock gets much more interesting.

Also at Mehta Biotech Capital, we analyzed Bellicum Pharmaceuticals’ (BLCM) results at ASH. Though the market will take time to define, BPX-501 may make for an interesting improvement on hematopoietic stem cell transplants, which are curative in a handful of rare blood disorders and hematologic malignancies.

Finally, even a casual biotech observer will be interested in a convoluted press release from Oncothyreon (ONTY) this week, arguably the most obtuse press release of 2015. This proved to be a great catalyst for our subscribers, who were informed of our take and ways to profit from the company’s odd communication flow to investors.

You can learn more about Mehta Biotech Capital here:

Could you please clarify where did you get volumes for your trading? I’ve compared amounts you buy and sell for number of latest trades with historical data at Yahoo, and it should be not enough shares for your trading system at the market (based on Yahoo data).

Nirav, to this community what is more important than analysing companies and medical data is whether this trading system is real or not. Please respond to the topic at Serious Problem Continues in C2's System Accounting