Message to subscribers of my systems

To subscribers of Broadsword Macro, Broadsword Commodities, Corporate Investments:-

I apologise if this is not really the correct place to post such a message but in the absence of having an official system forum I wanted to make sure I got everyone who is meant to read this and who might not have caught the broadcast message I sent earlier.

Dear Subscribers, those of you who know me through conversations on the forum will know that a couple of months ago I mentioned I was in talks with various third parties with regards to employment and use of my systems. As a condition of that employment and by the regulatory requirements under which I will now be licensed I will no longer be able to supply trading signals or subscriptions to any of my systems until further notice. It may be possible at some point in the future to resume these services in which case I may contact you again should you have further interest. The systems will remain active on C2 as I seek to display and maintain a longer term track record but the open positions will not be accessible to anyone. I sincerely wish to thank all those who have subscribed, I greatly appreciate your support and comments, and I apologise to those that only very recently subscribed and have not yet had a chance to enjoy in our success. I hope you are able to find similar systems that suit your needs on C2, I strongly believe and have discovered the hard way that long-term trend following is the surest way to secure steady and sustainable returns in the long run and wish you luck in your trading journey.