Metatrader Adaptor

I wanted to check if any work has been done on creating a Metatrader adaptor. It would be terrific to have an adapator that would allow Metatrader to both send out signals automatically and for traders to receive signals automatically. I think it would be more than worth your time to create it.

MT4 is the preferred trading platform of a huge number of Forex traders, and I think you would see a great deal of business and new subscribers if you could offer this feature. I am searching for a good solution for my own trading system that works with Metatrader so I can guarantee you one new system as soon as the adaptor is finished. I would be shocked if making C2 compatibile with Metatrader did not help bring you an untapped segment of the Forex market.

Keep us posted!

It’s on the development schedule and I will post more here when we have a beta version available for release. - Matthew

That is exactly why I stop in here every few weeks, is to see how the metatrader API is comming, if it is comming soon that would be really really good for me…