Minimum Suggested Capital required

I know this topic has come up before, but i think it’s rather misleading for new investor. My strategy started with $25000 , on C2 ( rather less on my real account ), but as the system profits grow so does this capital figure ( 40,000 currently ). I can understand C2 statics might be based on the capital figure but in reality there is no such requirement, especially if traders can scale down. I think it would be better if C2 suggested a Minimum Capital Started with ! rather than required. Anyone agree?

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This strategy can be easily traded with account size of around $15000 and not as minimum suggested $40000. In fact I started this with $11000 in my brokerage account.

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this is your strategy and you decide, but i think promoting low required capital you are putting yourself into the worse position. your system now looks good in terms of percentages - 60% profit and 17% drawdown. Good.

Now subscriber starts to trade your system with 11k, 100% scaling (with your trading it can’t be less) and get into another drawdown same as your max dollar drawdown which was around 5k$. so his drawdown will be 45%. which (believe me) will turn to bad reviews or complains in the forum.

and also (depending on his broker margin requirements) with the 6k left after the drawdown he may not be able to open all the positions you are opening within the strategy losing in profits.

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JITF I take your point but this minimum capital requirement just keeps creeping up with the the system balance. C2 should really specify the amount the system first started with rather than keep increasing it. I did say around $15k and not $11K. I said I started with $11k initially.

and that is correct otherwise profit/drawdown percentages will be incorrect for any sub joining the system.

in this case percentage profits and drawdowns can be misleading, i don’t think c2 will go for it.

subscriber can start any time along your equity. just imagine you start your trading with 11k not on September 2, but on December 7 and get 5k (45%) drawdown by the December 10.

Just put your insight on the suggested capital C2 has listed and what you feel is an appropriate amount for a subscriber to use in your description if you haven’t already. None of the suggested amount listed on mine are what I think a sub should be using.