Minimum Suggested Capital

My initial capital required was $50,000. My program has since gained 75% in 5+ months and now the C2 suggested minimum capital required to trade my program is now $90,000. No its not…its still 50,000. What gives with this number? The more my trading program makes the higher the capital requirement. That makes no sense. I'm not trading bigger or investing more with my program. My program does not take into consideration investing more $ because the account has grown. That is not my philosophy. There is enough risk/reward trading futures when trading the against the original amount suggested. If you make money, take it home! Don’t risk more. This formula is not necessary for my program trading style. Just like anyone who begins trading my program, you only need $50K. My program doesn’t change depending on when you subscribe. I have had folks contact me and ask if they really needed $90,000 to trade my program. So, this growing minimum capital requirement number is discouraging investors to subscribe to my program. I suggest that this number be a developer approved statistic based on style of the trading program. If you want it on on your program fine…if not, choose not to include. Is that possible?

Hi, TradePath - If you want to “take money off the table” in your strategy, what I suggest is that you rescale your strategy downward to the capital amount you think people should use. If you need help with rescaling, just reach out to one of our support team, who can walk you through it.

really…that’s cool…I will look at that. I was just a little concerned when I had a couple of folks ask me about the required minimum. Glad it can be addressed. Thanks sir.

Hey Matthew, if I rescale the TradePath strategy, would the % return number be affected…positively or negativly?

TradePath, your required minimum has gone up because the required margin that your trading has also increased, so the calculations C2 uses is correct and you should not rescale…it doesn’t matter how much you made because the cost of whatever you’re trading takes more capital to trade at a broker…it is not scalable as just a $50k unit because the margin requirements for what you’re trading have gone up and have obviously performed well, but that’s beside the point, c2 is correct, it would take that much to trade.