Missing the Boat- Capital Preservation is Key!

It seems to me that many of the systems on C2 are just gambling parlors. I was stunned to view (ADP explanation on any system page) that 85% of systems are considered “high risk” with an ADP score of .20 or lower.

It looks like just 10% of systems are greater than .4 or medium/low to low risk. “Good job” to these guys.

I think that everyone who visits and has a system on C2 would benefit highly ($) if the system operators simply made the stops tighter.

You can always reenter a position!

Take the hard knocks and move on, but preserve capital above all else.

I subscribed to a system with great stats and it blew up my mini FX account with a string of bad trades, so there is never any guarantee. BUT I could have been spared if the proprietor cut his losses and moved on instead of holding and hoping. Nobody likes a losing trade. This is a given. But you can’t hide from “The Grid”. If you have a swing of $400 to make a profit of $5, everyone will know. Take the $100 loss and move on. Show people you won’t gamble with their money and earn their trust.

I was hoping to have autotrading done for me by someone, but instead got so frustrated I created my own FX system. (I have a futures system too). Now my systems are not yet perfected in regard to stops, but I think all of us here can be better traders.

Steve Theobald

Above Average Traders



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they are risky because, with an APD of 0.2 or less, it means the system averages at least $100 max drawdown per trade for each $20 in profit. The vendor often withstands very large drawdowns, holding and praying it turns back to a profit.

A random system can do that.

Always remember that those figures take into account abandoned systems, test systems (before there was the "test system" setting), unprofitable systems, and so on. Still, yeah, a very small percentage of systems are the ones that I would trust with my money.