How to make a killing on C2

I thought I had seen it all. But USD/CAD-Mover system - a $225,000 drawdown to make $4500 net profit !!! (current total net only about 90,000).

So if you want to get lots of subscribers, open up a system. If you make nice profit, bank it. But any trade that goes against you, just hang on for awhile. You will likely have a nice equity curve even if it not work. I saw one system that just doesn’t close any trades. Even after 8 months or so.

And there should be enough subs/newbies out there who are not paying attention. Your beautiful equity curve will dazzle… Hey, charge $500 a month. There will be a few knuckleheads out there who will think that is a small price for an opportunity of their eventual bankruptcy…

Hell, maybe I should. After all, why let the other sharks have all the fun???

“You think like you are” . Before calling a vendor "shark " ,check two times if a 3000 pips DD is possible in only two days on USD /CAD . It appears it’s just a C2 bug like my 286% DD is

might be, but it is worrisome if a vendor does not track his/her own system. That has been there for awhile. It is called professionalism/awareness. And there are plenty of systems that still basically do this. That is why I wanted the Hold&Hope Indicator. A goodlooking equity curve really means little when someone just Holds & Hopes or does heavy averaging down/up (instead of actually outperforming)