MT4 to post signals

Hi, I have read that your API is URL post based, how do I post to a URL from MT4?

Thanks for your help

I think this is what you want:

Thanks Matthew.

If I understand it this correctly, it is a third party MT4 EA which needs to be attached to each chart, seems a bit clunky particularly as it needs to poll, I was hoping for an API really… Maybe I can write one myself…

Have you used this solution?

Thanks again for your help, since my last post I found a way of calling Httpget directly from an MT4 EA… See here

Hi again, I’m not clear about the GET interface for sending you signals.

I want to send a market order for a forex pair with a pre-defined stop and target, how would the url be constructed?

ooops sorry I found the answer at the bottom of the page, I use stoploss and profittarget