Your platform can be dangerous!

Dear Sirs:

This is the third time I am trying to use your platform as a signal provider.

I purchase your MT4 EA which automatically send signal from my MT4 platform to your platform.

Each time your platform refuse to close out the trades properly.

After many years it was my opinion that you would solve this problem since we as signal providers pay to use your platform.

At this stage I can only say:

Your platform can be dangerous to both signal provider and subscribers


Dr Glen Brown

Hi, Glen -

Since you mentioned you "purchased" something, I can only assume you have been using an old (3rd-party-created) MT4 interface.

The new interface is free, is open-source, and is available here:

And finally, I can see from your logs that you are not even sending any trade quantities with your trades (?!). Perhaps you are trying to use fractional lot sizes? Remember that on C2 all forex signals need a quantity of at least 1 and must be integers (i.e. neither .3 lots nor 2.3 lots is accepted).

Upgrade your MT4 interface to the latest version, make sure you set up your EA correctly (to send integer quantities), and give it a try.