Multiple parked orders didn'not executed

Hi Matthew

We sent signals to our systems TS1, TS2, TS4, TS5 via the API as usual this PM (20/03/2014). We received email confirmation that the orders had been received at 15:45. The orders (as always) were to be parked until 15:58.

All of the orders still show status as “working”? In the past when this has happened you advised me to change the “parked” from 15:59 to 15:58, which we have done.

I would have emailed you about this but I need to know the status of this query before market opens tomorrow in take to make necessary counter measures.


Hi, Peter:

I’m sorry for this problem. We had a problem with our primary database at 16:13-ish ET today. We’ve switched to our backup machine.

While I know it’s not what you want to hear, please re-submit orders to close any positions you would like closed.

The Park-Until-Time feature is working again, now that we have switched the database.


Tks Matthew