Trades not posted last - API problem?

Hi Matthew

Last night we sent signals (as usual) to system #83491662
using the API. All trade orders are “parked” until 15:59.

Several of the signals executed, but several still display “Working” as their status.

An example of a problem signal is #85403099.

Would you suggest we park the orders for slightly earlier execution,or is there something more fundamentally wrong.



Hi, Peter:

Yes, it looks like the unpark software got to that particular order a few seconds after the market close. While it’s not optimal, I suggest you schedule your unparks for a minute (or two) earlier. I have it on my list to re-architect the entire Park-Until function so that it can handle the rush at the end of the trading day. Until then, just try to move your time a bit earlier.

Tks Matthew - i’ll pull it back a minute as you suggest - Peter