My Analyst feature


Any chance of displaying on the systems page the number of people who have that system on their ‘watch list’? (vs clicking on individuals to see what systems they are watching).


Yes, I’m assuming that he means ‘Analyst’ list, .vs. ‘Watch’ list.

I’ve actually thought of logging on with a phony name just to see who is watching…

Once you find a system with ANYBODY looking, you can then click thru links to see most anything, in particular who else may be looking at your system. It would be nice to not have to do this detective work… This would also be very helpful to potential subscribers, as they could - from the System page - see comments from other happy/disgruntled traders - much like the system comments/ratings already in effect. This would be a totally cool feature.

I’d suggest a link on the system page of any trading system that would bring up an ‘Analyst’ page similar to either the “Recent Added” list or to the list found when you visit someone’s personal “Analyst” page.

Just my $.02, and with inflation, it’s probably not worth much.