"my C2 ads" suggestions

It would be nice to have a "date" time stamp placed beside the ad so we can use as reference to when we created the original or updated ad on both the C2 and Google type of ads.

Even better would be to know when a subscriber signs up if that subscriber clicked on a google ad prior or a C2 ad so that we vendors can help to gauge where are ad $ is being effectively spent.

RE: helpful free evaluation / advise to the C2 powers that be

Under the "My C2 Ads" section of the web site, where we vendors can place the cobranded google ads, where it says "run again" the same ad, it would be logical to take the same ad data to actually have it auto filled.

As it is now, the ad has to be recreated from scratch - which is no big deal, but …

Also, maybe have a "delete" ad function so we can rid ourselves of some of them over a period of time after experimenting with the different ad choices to get some that seem to be working well.