Couple of suggestions

I could probably think of a new improvement to C2 every 5 mins! Here’s a few that have been on my mind lately:

Keep context with login and login across multiple sessions

Security is important, but it’s frustrating to have to navigate back to a page that you were looking at once you have been logged out. Also, if I’m logged in one browser session/tab, the other sessions will not necessarily be logged in. It also means you can’t bookmark certain pages or keep multiple tabs of different C2 pages open to save time, because you have to log back in on each session/tab and then navigate back.

My Analyst Page – Grid style

It would be handy to have a Grid style view of My Analyst showing the same stats as the grid. This would allow more stats to be visible at one time, sorting and therefore easier comparison of systems I’m keeping an eye on.

My systems page

A page that has all the systems that I am subscribed to, showing open positions/recent trades for all systems and perhaps some combined stats for these systems. I find that I’m spending a lot of time going from system to system to look at what the open positions are etc. Obviously this gets worse the more systems you subscribe to.

I realise you are a small operation, Matthew. No doubt your to do list is long. I’m appreciative of the job you’ve done with C2 and the quality of your support in the forums.

These are all good suggestions. I especially like the My Systems idea.

How about the charts? Mathew I hate to keep beating on a dead horse. Once a signal has some time to it the charts are really very vague.


What about the charts? I made a different chart on my blog ( Is this an improvement?

Yes that looks nice. However as time unfolds won’t it get like C2? Very non detailed.

yes, but you can easily zoom in to the time period of choice and see all the details.

Chris that works very well. The difficulty is it is just like C2 it just works better.

i think that no matter what, there is only a finite space to display the graph, therefore over time the details will be masked.
I guess you could have a radio button that selects your time frame in the graph view (e.g., total, last yr, last 6 months etc.)…

The radio button is a good idea. On C2 when you go to advanced charting you just can’t get it to work the way your blog does. Mathew if you are listening check out Chris blog chart. It works the way ours here at C2 is suppose to.