My stock system

$$$Lowest Drawdown $$$ Keep after worst-case slippage 100% $$$ 45 degree chart showing the consistency $$$ Profit Factor is 2.1: 1 $$$ Annual return (compounded) 100.5% $$$ High Sharpe ratio above 5$$$

Since you trade a lot with penny stocks or very thinly traded stocks how realistic do you think it is that a subscriber would be able to follow your hypothetical results and how many subscribers would it take till your system breaks down because of slippage?

There have been similar systems on C2 with very impressive equity curves but subscribers quickly found out that real trading produced very different results.

Then why my Keep after worst-case slippage 100% ???

If you see rating of stock systems in ggrid then you will find that I have 5-10 rating in just 2 months time.